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Peugeot History

History of the Peugeot dates way back to 18th century when Peugeot family had small operation manufacturing business. Throughout 19th century they produced various products like kitchen grinders, saw blades and later bicycles. At the end of the 19th century Armand Peugeot started working on automobiles since he was convinced that cars are the future. The first Peugeot was three wheeled and only four were produced. It was steam powered. After Armand met Gottlieb Daimler he got interested in four wheeled cars with internal combustion engines. Finally Peugeot started building cars under Daimler license. Peugeot’s version was better engineered and immediately caught attention. Year after year Peugeot continued to increase production and in 1899 they finished with over three hundred cars built with their own engine. At the start of 20th century ( 1903 ) Peugeot started building motorcycles as well and at the same time 50% of all cars produced in France were of Peugeot origin. They were quite successful in motor sport as well.

After the first world war production resumed and Peugeot got even stronger with production rising from year to year. In 1929 first three digit Peugeot ( Peugeot 201 ) was introduced. At that time it was the cheapest car in France but because of the depression the sales declined in following years. World war interrupted the production but it immediately resumed in 1946. In 1955 first really high volume production Peugeot was introduced - the model 403. At the end of its era in 1962 more than a million were sold. When Pininfarina joined Peugeot design team to design and develop Peugeot 504 things started to really look bright. 504 was one of all time best world’s cars. It took Peugeot to a higher level and in 1974 they were able to acquire 30% of their rival Citroen. Later Peugeot became the sole owner of Citroen and a new company was established - Peugeot Société Anonyme ( PSA ).

And so came the 80’ and introduction of Peugeot 205 which later became automotive icon. Another huge success for Peugeot was the 405 model but the sale on North American continent suffered so Peugeot left the markets there completely.

Today Peugeot is struggling due to ever stronger competition from the rest of Europe and Asia but with the introduction of a few new global cars they seem to be standing tall again. History will tell us how they cope in competitive 21st. century.