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Peugeot Formula 1, Le Mans and Touring Car Racing

Peugeot in Formula 1

Peugeot entered Formula 1 arena in 1994 delivering engines for McLaren. Their 3.5 litre V10 engine unlike in Peugeot 905, never was successful in McLaren Formula 1. As a consequence Peugeot and McLaren ceased the cooperation at the end of 1994 season. In 1995 Peugeot tried again supplying engine to Jordan Grand Prix for three consecutive seasons. After that they supported Prost’s team but in 2000 it all ended since the company called Asiatech bought their Formula 1 engines.

Peugeot at Le Mans

In 1992 Peugeot entered 24 Hours of Le Mans with three 905 racing prototypes. They managed to take first and third position. In 1993 they repeated the success with the first place again and not only that, they took second and third place as well and showed the world what they can do. It was a complete victory for the French. In 2009 after two years of trying Peugeot finally finished first with their 908 diesel. Along with the victory Peugeot also took third, fourth and fifth place.

Peugeot Touring Car Racing

In Britain Peugeot 406 never really had any success in Touring racing unlike in other parts of Europe. The trend continued with 406 coupe and later with 307 as well. Not a single victory for Peugeot in British Touring Car Championship. Like mentioned, it was different in other countries. Peugeot saw some success in Germany, France and Australia in the 90’. Since 2007 Peugeot is racing in Brazil and from 2008 won three consecutive Stock Car Brazil Championships.